Ah It's Ok - Podcast

The show that it's just ok. Just a couple of friends talking about our favorite things and a little more.

Episode #6 - News Roundup

The guys are back to talk about the latest news in Video Games, Movies, and TV Shows. This week they go from the new Injustice 2 trailers to the New Warriors and Squirrel Girl. They try to make sense about what Michael Bay has planned for the Transformers franchise, and how Hasbro is assembling a team of writers to create their Cinematic Universe. 

Episode #5 - Welcome Back!

WE ARE BACK!! After months of nothing, the guys are back to talk about everything they miss during this last four months. They talk about everything from Deadpool to the recent trailers (Justice League, Spiderman, Wonder Woman) surfing the web. Join them for more fun content. Let's hope this time they stick around....

Episode #3 - Halloweentown 5 (Let's Make It Happen)

In this special Halloween episode, the guys talk about what they expect for the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead (this was recorded before the episode aired, opps.) They also discuss their impressions of the Logan trailer; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer; Red Dead Redemption 2; Nintendo Switch and more. We break the news about the "upcoming" Halloweentown 5 and give our ideas for possible remakes of Disney Channel Original Movies. All of this and more with special guest Alex Young. Trust us, it is a good one.